Colorado… here we come…

It’s time for the big departure…

The Hardrock Endurance Run is already a month away… a childhood dream, considering that at 40 when I started ultratrailing I was still a kid 😉

It’s a tough, tough race… We’ve been preparing for this for months, physically, mentally, logistically… and believe me, the preparation hasn’t been easy.

But now it’s time for the race.

So you’re going to say to me, well Beñat, you’re leaving a month early? are you planning to do some sightseeing?

Unfortunately not! The race starts now. One month is all it takes to adapt to Colorado’s climatic conditions, especially the altitude.

The average altitude during the race is 3400 m. The entire race takes place at altitude, with several passes to be crossed, above 3,700 m. The highest point of the race is over 4,000 m! It’s all about managing an intense, long effort, while riding at high altitude.

All the days between now and July 14, the day of the race, I’ll be devoting to preparation. Every com of the route will be reconnoitred, sometimes several times… whether it rains, blows or snows… because that’s what you have to expect over there too…

So, before the UTMB and the Diagonale, we’re going to take a trip to America, like hundreds of thousands of Basques did decades ago…

They left to find gold and work… We… ? We’ll see.

We’re leaving with Cendrine and will be joined by the rest of the team a few days before the race. We’ll send you photos and videos, I’ve got the GoPro…

The suitcases are in the car, the racing gear is ready… I’m also bringing my nutrition for the race, so there’s no question of leaving it to chance. Thanks once again to my trail sponsors Atlet, Stoots, Compex and Julbo.

We’re due to arrive in Denver on Thursday before heading for Silverton, the start and finish of the race, which will be our holiday resort after a short 5-day stage in Durango…

You know as much as we do at this stage… we’ll see you on the other side.

In the meantime, I’ll let you discover this mythical race: https: //

A big thank you to all my partners who make this adventure possible. I’ll be presenting them to you one by one over the coming weeks. They deserve it.

A big thank you to all of you too, for your encouragement, your little words and your big messages,
your support on Ulule and beyond
. I hope to get you over the finish line with me 😉

We send you our love and hope to see you soon for the rest of this adventure.

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