An XXL program


After a year 2022 rich in successes marking a real progression in my career, my team and I decided to challengeourselves by linking 3 mythical races among the most famous and difficult of the worldin 3 months.


I was lucky enough to be drawn to participate inthe Hardrock 100, an ultra-trail held every year in July in the state of Colorado, USA. It is a 100-mile route (just over 160 km) that includes over 10,000 m of positive elevation gain. The average altitude during the race is 3,350 m.

The course is a loop. The start and finish are at the same location, in the community of Silverton, San Juan County.

Some make it the hardest race in the world… Waouhhh!


The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc or UTMB is a sporting event composed of seven trails, four of which are ultra-endurance trails in the open country and of very long duration, which crosses three countries, three major Alpine regions and eighteen French, Italian and Swiss municipalities in the Mont-Blanc region.

This will be my second participation in this mythical race which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Last year I had the great pleasure to finish 6th in the fastest race of all time. This year… wait and see !

Grand raid: La diagonale des fous

We erase everything and start again…

As in 2023, I will link UTMB and Diagonale des Fous… In 2022 I won… but let’s not talk about it anymore and let’s go back to the fight.

A high level of competition, an extremely difficult course, an already busy season, the pressure of winning… The challenge is even more exciting

This will be my third participation in this legendary race, 3rd in 2021, 1st in 2022… it will be difficult to do better but the moment will be strong

Our Sponsors
And Supporters!

A few partners are helping me to finance my season. Having requested an unpaid leave of absence from my employer, I am still looking for sponsors and partners to accompany me in the coming years.


je suis Beñat Marmissolle, ultra trailer français, vainqueur de la Diagonale des Fous en 2022. Je partage sur ce site mes aventures à travers le monde ainsi que ma passion pour la course, la montagne et la nature.

Trail with BeÑat

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