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Hello everyone.

It’s been two weeks since the UTMB and there’s been no news from me after the story of my abandonment in Courmayeur.

To clarify a little, here’s exactly what happened to me: a crush syndrome with lysis of the muscle cells in the lower limbs… the most severe form of rhabdomyolysis… I’ll let you look it up on the Internet, it’s explained in length and breadth…

To spite some of the more or less enlightened commentators in the trail world, I simply paid dearly for having a gastric problem the afternoon before the start, a problem I’ve already encountered several times in my life and in my short sporting career, which forced me to withdraw at the last minute from several events… I won’t say any more today, but certain hurtful comments and destructive rumors will be cleared up when the time comes.

The moral of this story: trailers, don’t play the hero, the bill may be a little too high.

But back to our manex… 🐑

Believe me my friends, I would have preferred not to write the following lines, but I have to be honest with myself and with all of you.

My health isn’t getting any better

After several medical opinions, the final result is the same… I have not recovered at all and my body has suffered far too much for having “martyred” it during all those hours…

And so it is with deep regret and immense sadness that I have to give up lining up at the start of this 31st edition of the Grand Raid de la Réunion… my heart cries at not being able to find “my Reunionese family”…

The Diagonale des Fous comes too early in my recovery process.

I’m therefore forced to revise my entire end-of-season program.

But I promise I’ll be back!

And already for the end of the year, we’re working with all those close to me on a second program…
We’ll keep you posted on our next challenge…

Morally I’m hanging in there, but my body’s been through far too much pain and can’t recover 100% in the 6 weeks between now and October 19 and the start…

To my friends on Intense Island… 🇷🇪

Yes, I’m heartbroken, yes, I dreamed of returning to your paradise, but I promise I’ll be back for another edition.

I’m not going to make any longer speeches, because my heart is heavy and my eyes are full of tears…

But that’s sport… We all know that health is priceless.

I’ll be in touch soon and send you a big kiss.

Thank you all for your invaluable support.

See you soon.


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