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By the Beñat team

Once is not usual, this is a collective message from the team around Beñat. A small team, family and friends, whose mission is to help him as best as possible to manage his new career as a sportsman. Beyond the sporting aspect, what motivates us is also the idea that everyone should be able to live their dreams to the fullest, or at least try

And that it takes courage… and help too.

If there is one message that the adventure of Beñat, a worker and farmer from the Basque Country who became a top-level athlete, must convey, it is this one.

At the moment, while Beñat is preparing hard for the upcoming events, our main mission is to try to find the funding to be able to carry out his 2023 season and the ambitious program that goes with it. For this, we are working on structuring Beñat’s communication without however overdoing the values he wishes to convey in the world of trail running: work, humility, pleasure and above all exchanges with other runners and spectators

And that’s how we came up with the idea of calling on the community of “supporters”, trail lovers or simply people who want to support Beñat in this adventure by launching
a campaign of participative financing on Ulule

We are aware that there are many requests in this period, that is why we have imagined counterparts (of thanks) that are as many experiences The goal is to participate symbolically in the races, to climb the most beautiful podiums (he will try to do so anyway), to discover the real routes with Beñat… and even, if the campaign is a great success, to live the UTMB with the team.

The principle of this participative financing is very simple: you choose a counterparty or a donation and if we do not reach the objective you are completely refunded… We even imagined a bonus, in case of great success of the campaign, which will allow 4 people among the contributors to accompany us during the UTMB… and if the success is huge then who knows maybe we can push a little further 😉

But before that, you have to pass the first step.

Click on the image to go to Ulule:


And the professionals?

In parallel to this participative financing, we are of course looking for partners in the world of trail equipment manufacturers, but also from companies that share Beñat’s project and values… This project is in progress and if you are one of these companies, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a possible partnership 😉

But there are also rewards for you
in the Ulule campaign


And Beñat, what does he think?

…., and even if this is not really a natural step for me, my little team has considered calling on my community, my friends, the trail fans, to support me financially through a crowdfunding during this month of May.

For this, we have imagined a Trail with Beñat experience (yes in English it looks good when you go conquer the world 😉 ) which consists in taking you with me during my training sessions and even during my races and I hope on the podiums (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here).

This is what you can see through the proposed counterparts. I hope you will enjoy it and that we will have a lot of fun in the coming months and years on our favorite playground: the mountains.

For me, knowing that I can get you to the finish line and maybe on the podium of these mythical races is an incredible motivational boost… I’m really looking forward to it.

Whether you participate or not, thank you for supporting me every day with your messages and comments.

Muxu haundiak



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je suis Beñat Marmissolle, ultra trailer français, vainqueur de la Diagonale des Fous en 2022. Je partage sur ce site mes aventures à travers le monde ainsi que ma passion pour la course, la montagne et la nature.

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