Shall we meet at the Euskal Trail?

The Euskal Trails, for those, rare, which do not know yet is an incredible event which at the beginning of Saint Etienne de Baîgorry proposes superb courses through the valley of Aldudes in the Basque Country… thus with some kilometers of the house.

The event offers 7 races with a very strong tradition for the duo races.

  • the Euskal Endurance on a course of 65 km and 4300 m D+ in duo,
  • the Euskal Trail (2 x 40 km on 2 days),
  • the Trail Gourmand (2 x 25 km over 2 days),
  • the Iluna Trail (27 km and 1500 m D+ at night in teams of 2),
  • the Neska Trail (8 km in women’s teams of 2),
  • the Ttiki Trail for children (1 to 3 km).

And for the most daring, the ultra-trail on a loop of 130 km and 7500 m D+ from Baïgorry to Baïgorry.

I never had the opportunity to participate in the ultra. Last year in 2022 I had the great pleasure to accompany Audrey Carrere Dit Coustie on the Euskal Trail where we won in Mixed and finished 12th overall.

EUSKAL 2022 with Audrey Carrère
EUSKAL 2022 with Audrey Carrère

So this year, I decided to take part in the ultra.

A big thank you to the organizers for welcoming me in this event which was not planned until a few days ago. I’m going there as part of my preparation for the Hardrock Endurance Run which is coming soon (only 2 months left).

It will be the occasion to check the good feelings of the preparation, to test the legs, the head and the material by measuring itself with many athletes of very high level…

It will be a great first for me on this emblematic ultra of my beloved region. A real happiness… but we’ll have to go and do a bit of climbing on the Baïgorry side in the next few days 😉

Departure on Friday, May 19th at 5am at the fronton of Baïgorry.

If you participate too, leave me a comment 😉

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