Never alone!

You never run alone… at least not on race day.

With just a few hours to go before the start of the Hardrock 2023, the whole team is finally complete: my son Natan, the youngest of the bunch, Cendrine my wife, Kattalin, Beñat (my nephew, the handsome guy in red), Gilles (back there in jet lag mode).

So who does what?

Everyone will be involved during the race, even if only one person is authorized to approach the runner at the refreshment points.

Beñat Marmissolle, Koko, my nephew, will be in charge of this delicate mission… He’s used to it, knows me by heart, knows how to find the right words and make the right choices if I’m not completely lucid: choosing the right food, the right equipment for the next few hours, headlamp, shoes, jackets and so on.

The whole team prepared the race schedule throughout the week. They’ll need to get from one stage to the next with the right timing so that Beñat, the youngster, can be there for those all-important moments.

And who’s your pacer?

In the United States, it is often possible to be accompanied by a pacemaker or support person for part of the race… This is also the case at Hardrock.

The “pacer” in a trail race helps the runner by providing support and encouragement during the race. He can give directions and help the rider maintain the right pace, boosting his performance. In 2023, pacers are allowed from Animas Forks. Leaders can meet their runners and start ONLY at crew access aid stations from Animas Forks (Animas Forks, Ouray, Telluride, Chapman), they must run at least the whole stage to the next crew access or specifically authorized aid station, as there is usually no access for them in between.

I don’t have a pacer, it’s an adventure I want to live alone, face to face most of the time, maybe with a bear or two, I’ll be all the happier to find my loved ones at every aid station… and then who could put up with me during the race? 😉

Never alone!

As you can see, I’m not alone, ever! Especially as I know that many of you from France, the Basque Country and Reunion Island are supporting me on the networks…

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